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Menchies Coupons 2013

Menchies Frozen Yogurt

When you hear this word, you must remember the delicious frozen yogurt the make for me every time I go there.

You came here to find Menchies coupons but first, let me talk about the history of this amazing organization that is now spread around the world in 275 branches located in United States, Canada, Australia, Puerto Rico and even Japan.
When I started reading about this company and how it started I found that it was founded in 2007 and it becomes through years a fast growing organization around the world.
You'd be amazed how a small diary business become one of the most big and desired frozen yogurt around the US , Canada , Australia and even Japan !!!

For a closer look, check the vision and mission of this delicious organization:

Vision Statement

To make the Menchie's experience possible to every guest all over the world as a legacy for generations to come.

Mission Statement

We make you smile

By looking at those vision and mission statements , you can see that customer satisfaction is the most important thing they care about beside the quality of their products .

As I said that the frozen yogurt is the main product and it's available in flavors like:

1.       Fudge Brownie Batter
2.       Island Mango Sorbet
3.       Honey Graham Crumble
4.       Black Cherry Tart
5.       Vanilla Snow
6.       Blueberry Cheesecake
7.       Classic Vanilla
8.       Fruit Punch Sorbet
9.       Island Banana
And many other delicious flavors that I didn't remember now because they are so many and very delicious!
It also has cotton candy with many flavors as well:

1.       Classic Vanilla (NSA)
2.       Boysenberry (NSA/ Low Carb)
3.       Island Mango Sorbet
4.       Watermelon Sorbet
5.       Peachy Keen
6.       Coconut
7.       Cotton Candy
8.       Pure Chocolate
9.       Vanilla Snow
10.   Purely Tart
They say that Adam and Danna Caldwell started their first Menchie's store in L.A on May 15, 2007. The Genius couple got their business idea from their great love of frozen yogurt with all its flavors.

Now, let's talk about their products and how the deal with customers because as we know any success doesn't happen by itself.

As I heard and knew that they let their customers mix and match and combination of flavors of frozen yogurt and toppings at a self-serve yogurt section. They have 10 to 16 flavors in the store and about 100 rotating flavors that include a range of ordinary, non-fat, low carb, no-sugar added , gluten free …. Etc.

They also have 70 various toppings including fresh-fruit, candy, hot-fudge, and a lot more.

The pricing also is measured by the weight of the frozen yogurt and its toppings. With prices ranging from 30 to 55 cents per ounce!!!

Menchie's offers and coupons are a very attractive way of getting more customers and make great customer awareness to people who don't know or never tried it.

Menchies Coupons 2013

To know more about the offers i'm talking about check this offer out:

$ 5 for $ 10 Consumption Create Your Own Frozen Yogurt + 10 % on Next Purchase @ Menchie's

That was an announcement on the front of a Menchie's shop in the US, I entered to know what they are talking about.

I found that you can take a 5$ frozen yogurt with your favorite flavor with your favorite topping after consuming a 10$ dollars only!!

You can find Menchies coupons and offers online at the sites the company deals with or you can visit any of Menchie's restaurants, they make those offers very often because of the great crowd and people love Menchie's products.

It also gives children coupons in birthdays , as if you made your child's birthday in Menchie's your kid is blessed with all that is tasty from Menchie's as a gift for his birthday

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